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Sveiki, ką tik grįžau iš kelionės po Austriją, kur grožėjausi pavasariu Vienoje ir Austrijos Alpėse, žydinčiomis magnolijomis, ir sėmiausi pozityvaus mąstymo patirties. Žinia apie plintantį kiaulių gripą man buvo visiškai netikėta, tačiau kažkodėl nesukėlė nei mažiausios baimės. Pagalvojau, kad tapau jau pakankamai atspari visai tai žiniasklaidos propagandai, kuri kaip visada iš musės išpučia dramblį. Taip buvo ir ankstesniais atvejais, kai buvo skleidžiama baimė dėl paukščių gripo pandemijos, ir istorija vėl kartojasi.

Tiesa yra tokia, kad šį kartą šis bandymas visus išgąsdinti atves tiesiai prie jo sumanytojų ir jiems teks prisiimti atsakomybę už savo veiksmus. Žmonės jau pasiekę daug aukštesnį sąmoningumo lygmenį, ir toks scenarijus nebesuveiks.

Pridedu žinutę anglų kalba, kuri patvirtina mano nuomonę. Vėlgi ši informacija atrodys teisinga ir priimtina tik tiems, kurie neatmeta kitų civilizacijų egzistavimo galimybės, galimybės susisiekti ir bendrauti su jau išėjusiais ir mūsų pačių minčių, žodžių ir veiksmų galios.

Istorija apie šių žinučių autorių:

Yahoo grupė, kur yra publikuojamos naujos Matthew žinutės:

April 28, 2009 – New Message from Matthew

1. This is Matthew, with a short message to greet you with love and assurance that the latest Illuminati plan—biowarfare—not only will fail, but will be a huge breach in their remaining toehold in your world. Jean Hudon asked for my comments on the swine flu outbreak that was being touted as a global pandemic. I have asked my mother to send my reply to Jean to her distribution list for still wider dissemination of the truth about this virus as well as my additional note about our observations of public reaction.

„Once again the dark streamers that are heavily influencing individuals in
powerful positions have lashed out in what can be well-termed this energy’s
‘death rattle.’ The newest strategy—the ordering of laboratory-designed, created and released swine flu virus—is, as before, abetted by the controlled media’s part of the plan, to declare PANDEMIC! It is puzzling to us that these dark ones did not learn from their abject failures with SARS and then the avian flu, both of which were widely publicized with the same global pandemic prognosis; eventually the publicity was forced to cease because those diseases caused a few deaths, then totally fizzled out. This swine flu situation will have the same result. The technology of our family in other star nations has neutralized the vaccine that is intended to spread this disease, just as they did to prevent the spreading of SARS and avian flu.

„This new diabolical plan has been done without the US government leader’s
knowledge, unlike the previous two pandemic attempts, which were fabricated with the approval of the highest members in that administration. Think about the timing of this latest disease publicity. In addition to authorizing the creation of a virus and its intended worldwide fear, the darkly-inclined individuals’ aim is to distract the attention of the populace from their growing demands for peaceful negotiations; indicting responsible ones in the US government who authorized torture; the truth about the perpetrators of `9/11′; what caused the collapse of the global economy; the decades of government cover-up about the presence of extraterrestrials; who operates the illegal drug industry; the real purpose of chemtrails and weather control; the aims of the worldwide Zionist movement; and the `black ops’ behind terrorism around your world.

„It is not enough to create a distraction for only the people of the United
States simply because this is the country where much of the corruption and
deception originated and where now investigations are running deep. No, it must be a global effort because individuals with dark intentions, who live around the world, are panicking as they see other governments’ citizens joining the clamor for truth, for peace, for renewable energy sources, for improved health care and education, for just laws and rightful recognition of women’s equality. All of those are anathema to dark individuals as those conditions are the opposite of all dark goals. But just as the collapse of the global economy is exposing the truth about who has been manipulating it, so will this swine flu plan expose other evils perpetrated by the same dark ones within the Illuminati or under their control. Welcome this evidence of progress in `bringing to light’ the truth and the fast-withering tendrils of dark energy around your planet!“

2. Since I transmitted that message to comply with Jean’s request, there are
firm indications that the public-at-large is increasingly skeptical about the
motives of individuals at highest levels of medicine and pharmaceutical
corporations: There is this sudden outbreak of yet another kind of flu and
„accidentally“ there is live virus in the vaccines? Yes, there is some fear as
well, but not nearly in the proportion the Illuminati intended and expected.
Quite the opposite—this is a setback of major proportion for them! Peoples’
reactions show their expanding consciousness, and this is likely to cause
widespread outrage that will not be confined to the deliberate attempt to infect millions and cause global panic. Light efforts are underway in numerous other areas too that will remove the long-time heavy hand of dark control in your world. Holding steady your light and being patient a bit longer for dynamic developments will be abundantly rewarded!


written by humanangel

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